A review of the Nomad GPS Tracking solution

Thankyou for reading my website, here is an article i really loved reading. With their permission i can repost it. I compose many of my own posts, but irregularly post other content i find interesting, thankyou for reading.

Nomad transforms your Motorola Mototrbo radio into a state of the art tracking and crisis management solution.

Combining the versatility and low cost of radio technology with a tracking and emergency alert capability, Nomad is ideal for close protection teams, security, infrastructure, perimeter and maritime security.
The Nomad risk management and tracking system is a solution that comprises of multiple Motorola two way radio handsets, each handset providing the user with personal tracking, a panic button and voice communication. Complete integration of the Nomad system into a web-based tracking platform allows operations teams to monitor all Nomad radio users on one common picture from anywhere in the world.

This means that no matter where your team or troops are deployed you can easily monitor high risk situations as long as the radio and GPS transmitter remains intact and powered on.
Each Nomad handset has an built in GPS receiver and transmits its exact location back to a master handset. The frequency of the recorded position reporting can be remotely programmed from the central managed console, from 30 second intervals upwards. Nomad is a radio-based tracking solution which means that there is no associated ‘air-time’ costs associated with the running of the system.

Panic alarm
A nice feature of the Nomad handset is the integrated panic button. This discrete button, once activated transmits an audible and visual alert on the master handset and the web based tracking platform. You can also opt to receive a notification of the alarm via e-mail and SMS text to a mobile phone to nominated recipients.


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